My trip to Bamburgh was timed for April as at that time of the year the sun rises out at sea and the castle receives early morning side lighting. Also, I tried to time my visit so that on a few mornings the tide was going out, thereby enabling me to photograph from the rocks and beach, also leaving some pools for reflections. It is far easier to photograph during an out-going tide, knowing that the sea is going away from you and not towards you - it certainly helps the concentration!
Budle Bay at dusk

Also during the first week with the tide out in the evening I spent each night in Budle Bay, just north of Bamburgh, photographing the many water inlets, beach and sand dunes. Each night there was not another soul around, which avoided the photographer's nightmare of the footprints of people and dogs in the composition, usually as they come towards you to take an interest in your photography!

Several mornings I visited Bamburgh beach, just north of the castle and met several photographers as this is a popular location. There are so many photographic locations with rocky or sandy beach foregrounds, depending on the timing of the tide, with the castle on the skyline - a unique location.
Budle Bay dunes

This part of Northumberland provides many interesting, and in some ways unique, photographic locations and never seems to be very busy with people. A beautiful and remote stretch of beach is Ross Bank Sands between Budle Bay and Ross Point. I enjoyed particularly the photographic shapes and texture offered by the dunes. I have been to Bamburgh before but my photographs were not successful but I was reasonably pleased with those that I took on this occasion - however, there is still room for improvement. I will probably return to this location in the winter when there should be more drama in the sky, even though the sun rises behind the castle.

During my stay I visited several locations inland, including College Valley, but the weather conditions were not so favourable for photography - a good excuse for another visit.