In North Yorkshire a visit to The North York Moors centre in Danby is essential in order to gather up to date information about the area and all important weather.

During a reconnaissance walk I found a photographic location on Danby Rigg, above Little Fryupdale looking east over the valley towards Fryup Hall. Wikipedia has an interesting write-up about the origin of Fryup - there being a Great and a Little Fryupdale. With the sun setting almost over my shoulder, not always ideal, I was hoping for a sunset view across the valley below. The trudge up the hill with full camera gear and tripod was worth it; I had the place to myself. So I spent an enjoyable and peaceful hour or so during the setting of the sun with the valley floor below momentarily being lit up by the the sun as its rays lazily traversed the land.

I have visited The National Park above Great Ayton before. During this visit I enjoyed several walks on the moor around Captain Cook's Monument. The view from Gribdale Edge across to Roseberry Topping and Middlesborough beyond is magnificent, especially when there is bad weather creating drama in the sky. After sunset the sky was a blaze of colour that I have not seen before on my previous visits to the area although I expect that it occurs often. Like all such spectacular sunset experiences it only lasted for a few minutes but was phenomenal with the sky appearing to be on fire.