One of the highlights during my visit in March was the annual national cross-country race over three days. The competitors are pulled by dogs, which can be in a team of eight or even singularly. It was evident that all participants thoroughly enjoy the sport. One of the stage check points that we attended was in their own village of Vormsele where we experienced the frantic change over of dog teams. The course winds its way through the countryside, through forest and across frozen rivers and lakes.

We were able to visit the zoo at Lycksele, which was opened especially for us when it was not opened to the public.
Another bonus was that we visited at feeding time. A highlight of the visit was to see the wild wolves at this time, which we were able to view close up on an elevated viewing platform not available to the public. Seeing them fight over food they are certainly wild and ferocious animals.

We visited Kiruna, situated within the Arctic Circle, after a six hour train journey. We expected to photograph the northern lights, a magical spectacle, but the weather conditions [more snow!] prevented this happening. Kiruna is a mining town and because of the discovery of new ore seams there are major plans to physically move many buildings, including the magnificent church, to outside the boundary of the planned extension.

During my visit I was able to enjoy the feeling of remoteness in this wonderful scenery - is this not something that we landscape photographers enjoy? A time to reflect....A book that I read in Sweden that is related is, "Into the wild" by Jon Krakauer, which is the tragic story about Christopher McCandless.